Best PayPal casinos

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the world’s oldest e-wallet. In fact, it claims to be the biggest online payment system on Earth. Founded in 1998, PayPal was a pioneer of online transactions. The ‘e-wallet’ concept is no longer unique to PayPal, though none of its imitators can claim the same market share or ubiquity. The company has an excellent reputation, with over 200 million users worldwide. Available in more than 200 countries, and supporting 25 currencies, the system processes transactions worth hundreds of billions of US dollars every single day. One of the stand-out features of PayPal is that it has a buyer protection scheme, which allows you to dispute payments and transactions within 180 days. It’s probably not surprising that PayPal is a perfect fit for online casinos. It provides players with a safe, free, and easy way to make a deposit at their favourite casino.

Online casinos that accept PayPal

There are a number of leading online casinos that accept PayPal deposits. However, the best PayPal casinos are those that allow players to make both deposits and withdrawals using this method. Of those, the best PayPal casinos will also offer a low deposit minimum, no transaction fees, and high deposit and withdrawal limits. Read on to discover which are the best PayPal online casino options.

Top ten PayPal casino list

PayPal for mobile casinos

For fans of the mobile casino, PayPal remains an excellent choice. Most of the above-listed casinos offer mobile sites, and you can still withdraw and deposit using your PayPal account when you play via mobile. It’s the same process as using a desktop site, which means you will be directed to your PayPal account to complete the transaction, before being returned to the site. If you’re already logged into PayPal on your phone, or have a touch ID, the process is extremely fast. Mobile casinos are becoming more and more common. This means most new PayPal casino sites feature a mobile version of the casino.

Casino games available with PayPal

There are many types of casinos that use PayPal, and they cover every type of casino game. This includes live casino PayPal options. Whether you want to play live roulette, live blackjack, or perhaps a live game show game you will be able to deposit via PayPal. You will also find PayPal slots (pokies) and games such as video poker, bingo, and even sports betting, all available to enjoy with a PayPal deposit.

Benefits of using PayPal for casino play

There are numerous benefits to using PayPal as a casino banking method. Let’s explore some of the advantages of this payment method.

Instant transfers

The main benefit to this banking method is that transfers are instant. You will therefore typically be able to start playing with your deposit straight away. PayPal also processes withdrawals instantly. Any hold-ups or delays to withdrawals are usually due to the casino site, not PayPal. Many sites hold withdrawals for 24 hours before processing them, regardless of your chosen withdrawal method.

You don’t need money in your PayPal account

Unlike other e-wallets and prepayment cards, you don’t actually need money in your PayPal account to make a deposit. If you do not have enough in your PayPal balance to make your preferred deposit, the remainder will simply be transferred from your bank account, through PayPal, and into your casino account. The deposit process does not take any longer when the money comes from your bank rather than a PayPal balance.

Can use multiple cards/accounts

Unlike many e-wallets, you can link more than one bank account or card to your PayPal account. This means you can use one system (PayPal) to deposit from any of your accounts. Once you withdraw winnings to PayPal, you can then transfer them to any of your linked accounts.

Higher limits

When it comes to the limits for PayPal gambling sites, you’ll find these are generally quite impressive. You will find not only the max deposit limit is higher than for other payment methods, but also the max withdrawal limit. Players will often find that the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is lower than other banking methods too.


PayPal is considered to be the world’s second safest payment method for fiat currency, after credit cards. The e-wallet effectively adds a privacy layer between the casino and your bank. This is because the only information the casino holds is your email address.

Best PayPal casinos

Disadvantages to using PayPal for casino payments

Like any banking method, there are a number of cons to using PayPal too.

Not always available

Many online casinos are not able to offer PayPal. The company has tried to distance itself from gambling sites in the past, although this is more of an issue for US players. Furthermore, those casinos that do accept PayPal are usually of high standing. PayPal is more widely available at casinos that hold a UKGC or an MGA licence than it is at those registered by some other, less stringent, jurisdictions. At the current time, a good percentage of casinos licensed by these two jurisdictions offer PayPal as a payment method.

No buyer protection

One of the biggest disadvantages is that PayPal does not include gambling transactions in its buyer protection scheme. This means that should you have a quibble with a casino, you will not be able to get your deposit back by using the PayPal buyer protection scheme. You will have to settle grievances with the casino itself, or with the help of the regulator.

Limited promotions

Additionally, some promotions, such as welcome bonuses, are not applicable to PayPal deposits. If this is the case you will need to make your first deposit (and any related withdrawals) via bank transfer or debit card. You can of course begin making deposits via PayPal after you have made enough deposits to gain the full welcome bonus.

Best PayPal casinos 2022


Setting up a PayPal account is easy. All you need is a current bank account, a backup account (a credit card is fine), and an email address. Setting up a PayPal account takes just a few minutes. Once you have entered all your details you will need to verify the account via email.

Making an online casino real money PayPal deposit is easy. After you have set up your casino account, simply log back in and then navigate to your account profile. From here, you can click on the ‘Deposit’ option. You will then be able to choose PayPal from a list of payment methods. Choose the amount you wish to deposit and then click to proceed. You will be automatically directed to your PayPal account, where you can confirm whether you want the transfer to come from your PayPal balance or one of your linked accounts. When you have confirmed the transaction you will be directed back to the casino. The funds will be transferred to your casino account balance, and you will be able to play with the money immediately. To make an online casino PayPal withdrawal, you simply request the withdrawal for PayPal.

When you deposit at an online casino using PayPal, you’ll usually pay no fee. If you’re charged a fee for using PayPal, the casino will be charging that amount, not PayPal. That’s because online transactions using PayPal are free for customers, including casino customers. Not only is it free to withdraw from your casino account to your PayPal account, but it is also free to withdraw money from PayPal to your current account.

Yes and no. You will certainly be able to get a PayPal gambling refund if the casino has agreed to your refund. If the money is sent from the casino, PayPal will process it as instructed. However, you are not protected under the buyer protection scheme. This means that if you and the casino disagree on whether you should get a refund, PayPal will not be able to process or expedite this.

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