What is Bonus Hunting?

In bonus hunt we collect bonuses from different games. We have a certain starting balance, and with the balance, we aim to collect as many bonuses as possible from different games. The more the merrier! This is an exciting way to first collect and then open all the bonuses one after another. Certain casinos allow other players to join also, so bonus hunt together is an exciting and fun way to gamble, if you are bored of playing alone!

Some game providers allow a game to save the bonus and for player to open it later. When a bonus is achieved, just simply go back to previous page and the game interrupts to where you left off. Bonuses are saved for 24 hours usually, so if you’re doing this alone, please mark up what you have collected so far. Bonuses even then don’t disappear, but they are automatically completed.

How to Participate in the Contest?

Participating in our Bonus Hunt contest is easy! Just guess the final balance of our account after opening all our bonuses from our next Bonus Hunting session. Our session will be held LIVE on our Twitch channel. The closest guess wins.

    Fill out the form below to participate

    Contest rules

    1. To participate in this contest, simply fill out the participation form on this page.
    2. Guess the final balance of our account after opening all of our bonuses (in Euros).
    3. Winner is selected based on the closest guess of the final account balance.
    4. One contest entry per person per Bonus Hunt session. Only the first entry will be considered.
    5. Winner will be contacted personally via email, and has two weeks to claim the prize.
    6. Once the current Bonus Hunt session is over, you can participate in the next contest.