Rarely take a Map 2 under 2.0 and first time in probably years I have done so but massive spot here with the skill difference between the teams. Seattle are still probably top 2 worst teams in the league and playing against optic who are right now top 2/3 after a great Major 2. There’s also massive differentials here between the map’s, Map 1 we have 1.07 (93.5% implied) and map 3 @ 1.04 (96.2% implied) and while I don’t think they are correct I also don’t think they are far off been correct, obviously a completely different game mode with map 2 but still getting 58.1% implied here is ridiculous, they have at very worst 60% but I put them somewhere between 65% and 70% giving us an easy take here.

Win 4000€
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