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How to bet on cricket

Whether you’re a novice or an expert punter, cricket betting can be very fulfilling. Fortunately, there are several suitable platforms to choose from. The first step is to join an online sportsbook with a valid license. However, only sign up at the best cricket betting sites that offer the best odds, have secure payment methods, and have great welcome and loyalty bonuses.

Reading cricket odds

There are various odds at cricket betting sites, depending on the country you are betting from. Odds show the possibility of an outcome of a particular event happening and indicate how much money will be returned on successful bets.

Here are the different types of odds in cricket betting:


Normally, decimal odds are available and presented in decimal format. With this type, a bettor multiplies their wager by the listed odds to get your potential winnings. For example, odds of 2.00 will earn £2 for each £1 waged.


This kind of odds is usually expressed in fractions. In this case, the numerator denotes the amount a bettor can win, while the denominator denotes the wager. For instance, odds of 10/2 mean the bettor will earn £10 for each £2 wagered if they win the bet.


Also known as moneyline odds, American odds are expressed in two parts. These include the “Favourite” identified with a minus (-) and the “Underdog” identified with a plus (+).

No matter the sign, American odds show the winnings for each £100 money wagered. Therefore, if a bettor wagers on the favourite with odds of -200, they will win £100 for each £200 bet.

Understanding cricket competition formats

Like other sports, cricket has various competitions and events throughout the year. The following are the top formats in the professional cricket world.

Test Matches

Regarded as the purest and oldest format of the sport, a test cricket match can last up to 5 days. It involves two teams, playing two innings each. The ICC World Test Championship uses this format. A test match is very strategic and can often end in a draw, especially if the weather forces play to be abandoned at any stage during the five days.

One-Day Internationals

Also known as ODIsa game of this format usually lasts about 8 hours. Each team has one inning each, and the match has a fixed number of overs per innings. This is currently set at fifty. The Cricket World Cup uses this format.

Twenty20 Internationals

Also known as T20, this is the newest cricket format. It takes the shortest duration of time when it comes to gameplay length. A T20 match involves only two innings (one per side), each having a maximum of 20 overs. This format creates an exciting atmosphere as the batters don’t hold back in their search for runs over a short period. The Indian Premier League uses this format, with many IPL cricket betting sites offering betting opportunities for this tournament. T20 has been responsible for cricket’s increased popularity worldwide.

Best cricket betting sites

Factors that most influence a cricket game

Several factors can influence the progress or outcome of a cricket game. Considering such factors before placing your bet increases your chances of winning. They include the following:

Form of the team and players

The current form of the start batsmen and bowlers will be a determining factor in a cricket game, regardless of the format. Usually, there will be a specific pattern to the team’s performance. A bettor should thoroughly research how well the team has been playing in their previous matches before placing a bet on it.

It is also advisable to check the condition of the individual players. Check to see whether there are any injuries and if they are serious. Remember, any injuries from a previous game will affect the team’s performance, especially if it concerns one of the star players.

Weather conditions

Another factor that could significantly influence a cricket match is the weather conditions. They are especially relevant in a test match played over five days. Rain stops play immediately in a cricket match and frequently occurs, especially in tropical countries and England.

A rain stoppage will affect the rhythm of the game. A team with the upper hand before the rain might come out after the break at a disadvantage. Test matches are more likely to end in a draw if the weather stops play.

The coin toss and who will bat first

“The Toss” can have a significant influence on the outcome of a cricket match. Depending on the weather conditions and the state of the crease, a team’s captain might decide to bat first or let the other team start the game.

If the crease is playing fast at the start of the game, it would be advantageous for the team that won the toss to bowl first as there will be a better chance of gaining quick wickets. Conversely, if the ground is soft, the captain that has won the toss might decide to let his team bat first to take advantage of the forgiving crease.

Best cricket betting sites

Types of cricket betting

While knowledge of the sport, the teams, and the players is vital, it will become harder for a bettor to win if they don’t choose the suitable game event to wager on. Here are the most popular cricket betting types.

Runs per Player

With this wager, you attempt to guess the number of runs scored by an individual player. Many betting sites for cricket usually offer this wager as a variant of an over/under bet.


A sportsbook may set the following Runs per Player score:

  • Rohit Sharma (Pakistan)
  • Over 90- 2/1
  • Under 90- 3/2

If a bettor wagers on the over the line and Sharma scores over 90 runs, the profit on a £10 wager will be £20. Sharma scoring less than 90 runs will result in the bet being lost.

Total Runs per Team

Here, you try to predict the total number of runs a team will score in a match. The sportsbook also sets a particular number, and then you predict whether the outcome will be over or under.

A sportsbook can set the following total runs per team scores in an England vs India match:

  • England:
  • Over 200 @ 5/2
  • Under 200 @ 4/1

On a wager of £10, an over bet will return a total of £35, and a successful under bet will realise a total of £50.


There are multiple ways of betting on wickets at online betting cricket sites. You can predict which player will take the most wickets in a match or how the upcoming wicket will be.

For example, in a Bangladesh vs New Zealand match, a sportsbook may list the following players:

  • Mohammad Irfan (Bangladesh) — 2/1
  • Neil Wagner (NZ) — 9/1

If a bettor wagers £10 that Mohammad Irfan (Bangladesh) will take the most wickets, and he does, the bettor will see a total return of £30.

Man of the Match

It’s common for a single player to be accorded “Man of the Match”. As a bettor, your goal is to predict which player will earn this title.

For example, in an England vs West Indies match, a sportsbook may list the following player:

  • Ben Stokes (England) — Man of the Match 3/1.

A successful £10 bet on Stokes will see a total return of£40.

Best cricket betting sites

Other popular cricket betting types include:

Match betting — Here, a bettor is provided with three betting options. These are: a home team win, an away team win, or a draw.

Live Betting — Numerous live cricket betting sites allow a bettor to place in-play bets. This betting involves placing wagers on matches that are currently in progress. Cricket is a perfect sport for live betting as it progresses slowly while circumstances change quickly, especially in test cricket. Live cricket betting has increased the sport’s popularity over the last decade.


Betting on cricket is a great way to get more from your favourite sport. Acquire the knowledge of the sport, follow the steps mentioned, and place the right bet. By learning all the tricks and tips involved in betting, a bettor will have every chance of making successful wagers.

Cricket is a complex sport with many rules and nuances. Before betting on a game, a bettor should know the teams and players they are wagering on. With the right combination of information and instinct, a punter can make cricket betting an enjoyable and profitable pastime.

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