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Betting Odds Boxing

A punter can start betting on boxing rounds and matches in several ways. The most popular is betting on the outright winner of the bout. However, betting odds can also be placed on other aspects of the fight. They include how long it will last, who will be the first to be knocked down, and in which round the fight will end.

The most important thing to remember when betting on boxing matches is that the odds on both fighters are usually similar. This is because the sport is highly unpredictable, and anything can happen in the ring. As a result, it is essential to do proper research on the fighters before placing any bets.

If you are new to betting on boxing, then it is advisable to start small and gradually increase your stakes as you become more confident. Several websites and bookmakers offer betting odds on boxing matches, so shop around to find the best deals.

Boxing Betting Tips

As a sport, boxing has a long and storied history. Betting on boxing matches has been a part of that history for almost as long as the sport itself. While the sport has changed significantly over the years, the basic principles of successful boxing betting have remained the same. Here are six tips to help you make money betting on boxing matches.

Do your research

This is perhaps the most important tip of all. You must know the fighters’ strengths and weaknesses and their recent form. Without this knowledge, you are gambling wild. On top of that, don’t get caught up in the hype. Just because a fighter is the bookie’s favourite doesn’t mean they’re a sure bet.

Look for value

The key to successful sports betting is finding value. This means finding bets where the odds are in your favour. In boxing, you can often find this by betting on the underdog. The current form and how the boxer has trained prior to the fight should be analysed before a fight. Inside expert knowledge may be the information that tips the scales in favour of one of the fighters, and a bettor can find value in a bet through this knowledge.

Be patient

Boxing is a sport with a lot of variables. In fact, while a fighter is winning a match, they may get knocked out in the following round. Therefore, you need to be patient and wait for the right opportunity to bet. Make sure you find a spostsbook that offers live betting. This will allow you to place their bets after analysing the first round or two of a particular bout.

Know the betting types and odds

There are a variety of different ways to bet on boxing matches. The most common is betting on the winner of the match and betting on the way the win is achieved.

Manage your bankroll

This is important for all sports betting, especially in boxing where matches can be unpredictable. You need to withstand the sport’s ups and downs and still have money left to bet with. Bettors should decide and stick to a budget, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly. If the bettor can afford to lose this amount of money, then gambling will be an enjoyable and harmless pastime.

Have fun

Betting on boxing can be a lot of fun. It can also be profitable if you follow these tips. Just remember to gamble responsibly, relax and enjoy the fight.

Best boxing betting sites

Types of betting in boxing

Boxing betting offers have been around for centuries, and there are a variety of different ways to do it. Here we will guide you with the best boxing bet tips.


These bets are the most straightforward type of bet in boxing. In the case of moneyline bets, the bettor simply picks who they think will win the fight. The odds are fractions, such as 1/2 or 3/4. To determine how much money a bettor will win on the moneyline, multiply the amount bet by the odds.

For example,

  • Tyson Fury (4/1)
  • Oleksandr Usyk(1/2)

If a bettor wages £100 on a 1/2 moneyline, they will realise a profit of £50 if Usyk wins. Instead, placing a bet of £100 with a 4/1 odds means that you will win £400 plus your original £100 stake.

Round betting in boxing

This is a popular wager among bettors. In the type of betting, you predict in which round the fight will end. However, this can be more challenging as many factors influence the match. The odds for this type of bet will be listed as a fraction.

For example:

  • Tyson Fury to win in 5th round (4/1)
  • Antony Joshua to win in 4th round (10/1).

If the bettor places £1 at 4/1, the total return will be £5 if successful. The same calculation method applies to the Joshua bet.

Number of rounds to be fought

This bet involves predicting how many rounds will be fought before the winner is declared. For example, the odds of the number of rounds in a boxing match might be;

  • Over 7.5 rounds (5/1)
  • Under 7.5 rounds (10/1).

If a bettor places $100 on over 7.5 rounds fought, the bet is successful and returns a total of £600 if the fight exceeds 8 rounds. Instead, the bet is lost if the wager is £100 on under 7.5 rounds, and the fight goes the full distance.

Prop bets

These are bets on events that may happen during the fight. For example, this could include whether there will be a knockout. The odds for these types of bets are yes or no.

For example, will there be a knockout:

  • Yes (4/1)
  • No (1/2)

The same calculation methods are used for this bet.

Best boxing betting sites

Factors to consider when betting on boxing rounds

Type of fight

There are three different types of fights: championship, eliminator, and exhibition.

  • Championship; These fights determine the world champion.
  • Eliminator: Two contenders fighting for a chance to become the world champion.
  • Exhibition; Two boxers are not fighting for anything except money or pride.


There are four different styles of fighting:

  • Orthodox: This style of boxing stands with the left foot in front of their right foot with their weaker side near to the opponent.
  • Southpaw: A boxer that favours his left hand is known as a southpaw.
  • Switch-hitters: Fighters who can fight both orthodox and southpaw.
  • Sluggers: This breed of fighter likes to brawl and is not afraid to trade punches.

The fighter’s experience

The four levels of experience are based on the number of fights a player has completed. For example, while novice fighters have had six or fewer fights, amateur fighters have had seven to fifteen fights. Instead, professional boxers fall into the category of players who have had sixteen or more fights.

  • Novice
  • Amateur
  • Professional
  • World-class.

Moving from professional to world-class boxing gives the fighter a much higher profile. Apart from that, they are also paid to fight and often receive sponsorships and endorsements. However, we must not forget how much training goes into becoming a world-class fighter.

Age of the fighters

Fighters are not only classified according to their experience but also to their age group. The four different age groups are:

  • Young
  • Prime
  • Veteran
  • Senior.

While young fighters are eighteen years old or younger, fighters in their prime are generally aged 19 to 35 years old. Instead, veteran fighters are boxers aged between 36 and 49 years old. On the other hand, the oldest and most experienced age group are senior boxers who are over the age of 50.

The fighter’s record

There are three types of records:

  • Win-loss
  • Knockout
  • Technical.

Win-loss records are the most common and are simply the number of fights a fighter has won minus the number of bouts a fighter has lost.

Knockout records are the number of fights a fighter has won by knockout minus the number of fights a fighter has lost by knockout. Technical knockout records are the number of fights a boxer has won and lost by technical knockout.

Best boxing betting sites

Weight categories in boxing betting

Different weight categories in boxing include;

  • Cruiserweight
  • Featherweight
  • Heavyweight
  • Light heavyweight
  • Lightweight
  • Middleweight
  • Super featherweight
  • Welterweight.

Heavyweight, light heavyweight, and cruiserweight

Both heavyweight and cruiserweight fight last twelve rounds. However, a match may end before the scheduled rounds if one boxer is knocked out or if one fighter is ahead on points and the opponent cannot continue. If a boxer is knocked out, they have 10 seconds to get to their feet and continue, otherwise, the fight is suspended and the winner is proclaimed.

Welterweight, super featherweight, lightweight, and featherweight

These bouts last ten rounds except featherweight, which goes for eight rounds. A match may end before the scheduled rounds if one boxer knocks out the other or if one fighter is ahead on points and his opponent cannot continue. The boxers generally have a rematch if a bout ends in a draw.

Advice to bettors

If you’re looking to bet on boxing, there are a few different markets you can choose from, such as moneylines, rounds betting and total rounds market. However, whichever bet you choose to place, do it responsibly and follow the tips in this article.

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