What are Lion Coins?

Lion Coins are rewards for various actions in Lionbonuses site. With coins you are able to purchase various products, such as PS5, iPhone 14 Pro Max or even a new gaming computer. Lion Coins were made to award players for being active members of community. We wish to give more back to our players, since we are all one big family.

How to Earn Lion Coins?

Lion Coins are earned via reviewing a casino on lionbonuses site. Coins can be earned monthly by having an account on lionbonuses, as well as by using our affiliate links to play on casinos. You are awarded points by clicking “Mark this casino as played” on certain casino in the casino listings. We occasionally perform checks for misuse of casinos played. If a player is caught for marking casino to be played, but haven’t played via lionbonuses, we will deduct all the points back to 0.

We will go through the admissions, therefore if coins don’t appear to your account instantly, do not worry!

  • 5 coins for opening an account
  • 2 coins for reviewing/commenting a casino
  • 5 coins for reviewing/commenting a casino if you have activated casino offer via lionbonuses within a month
  • 10 coins for marking casino as played

Frequently Asked About Lion Coins

Currently, you can earn Lion Coins by playing on different casinos using the links listed on our site and leaving reviews for the casinos you have played on. We will add more ways to earn Lion Coins shortly!

At the moment, we do not award points for casinos that you opened elsewhere. However, Lionbonuses.com has listed hundreds of casinos catering to players around the globe, so feel free to open an account on a new casino and participate in our loyalty program that way!

Although many casinos do not require you to make a deposit when registering, making a small deposit to try out the casino is desirable as we wish you to experience the online casino to the fullest extent. Please keep in mind that earning Lion Coins should be considered as a “fun extra” and not a main objective, so only play when you are ready to do so.